Deepa Ganesh, PhD

Deepa Ganesh has a PhD in infectious diseases from the Medical University of Vienna, Austria. She holds additional postgraduate degrees in Biotechnology and Molecular Biology from India and Sweden. Deepa’s PhD work primarily focused on drug development for malaria which led to identifying novel antimalarials. The¬†impactful results were published in peer-reviewed journals of repute and presented at various national and international scientific meetings.

An avid reader especially of law-based novels and her training involving/dealing with patent filing and process of patenting, kindled her interest in pursuing a degree in law. Currently she is pursuing a Master of Science in Law (MSL) from Northwestern Pritzker School of Law. She is enjoying being a student at law school and learning new life lessons from her one-year old daughter.

As an Outreach Director to the BioTN’s¬†Academic Alliance, Memphis, she ensures that the team’s initiatives have wider reach and maximum visibility.