The Knoxville Chapter of BioTN’S Academic Alliance’s mission is to connect early career professionals from across East Tennessee with professionals from both the private and public sectors to share ideas, information, and career opportunities in life science and related fields. Our key demographics are students and post-docs from Knoxville-area universities and research institutions.


The Knoxville chapter of BioTN’S Academic Alliance is a non-profit, member organization that has functioned until June 30, 2020 under Life Science Tennessee (LST), whose mission is to advance and grow the life science industry in Tennessee through advocacy, partnerships and alignment with economic and workforce development.

Over the years we have organized Beer & Biotech, a monthly networking event and have been successfully organizing the Knoxville Scipreneur Challenge (formerly known as the Tech Venture Challenge). As of July 1, 2020 all the Academic Alliance chapters have transferred operation from LST to BioTN, a 501c3 foundation whose mission is to promote the knowledge of, and education in, STEM and the biosciences; innovation and entrepreneurship in STEM and the biosciences; and the positive impact of STEM and the biosciences on human health.

Monthly Networking Events: We invite speakers from Industry and/or Academic Institutions to share and discuss their experiences with our students, postdocs and other Academic Alliance members.

Annual Events
Knoxville Scipreneur Challenge is an entrepreneurship-based competition organized by BioTN in collaboration with the University of Tennessee – Knoxville and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. For more information please visit Knoxville Scipreneur Challenge.

Biotech Job Fair is an annual initiative by the Academic Alliance in Memphis that highlights job availability within our state’s Biotech Industry. This also serves as the convergence point for all the job seekers in the life-science industry. If you are an organization or a job seeker and want to participate in this Job Fair please write to us at 

The purpose of the Biotech Job Fair is not only to help those looking for career opportunities, but also to become a platform wherein the Industry and the Academic Institutions offering biotech jobs in the state of Tennessee are able to find suitable candidates. Please reach out to us at for additional details.