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BioTN is made possible by individuals and companies that share our vision for making Nashville a hub for scientific innovation and technological advancement through education and support of entrepreneurial efforts.

Dr. and Mrs. Eric and Leah Elmquist

Long time Nashvillians, Dr. and Mrs. Eric and Leah Elmquist (or beauty and the beard) are passionate about the growth and success of the city, and are actively engaged in companies and endeavors that are making that happen.

Drs. Sam and Leslie Lynch

Drs. Sam and Leslie Lynch have been on the forefront of Nashville’s biosciences boom for over a decade. They are prominent and proud leaders in the space, and continue to bring new ideas and endeavors to the fore.

Pendant Biosciences

Pendant Biosciences is developing the next generation polymer technology for the manufacture of innovative pharmaceutical & medical products.

Lynch Biologics

Lynch Biologics is a biotechnology company specializing in products to accelerate healing and regeneration of human tissue. They are the Developer and Manufacturer of GEM 21S as well as a suite of complementary products.

Covalent Properties

Covalent Properties specializes in a people first approach to real estate, investing, and property management. They connect their clients with their next important place.