Scipreneur Challenge

The Scipreneur Challenge is an entrepreneurship-based competition organized by each Academic Alliance chapter.

Scipreneur Challenges take place annually within the Nashville, Memphis and Knoxville chapters and offer university students and postdoctoral fellows hands-on experiences in commercialization of research and entrepreneurship.

Participants in the Scipreneur Challenge are assigned to 4- to 6- person teams and granted real-life intellectual property (IP) generated at area research institutions. The teams are tasked with designing a commercialization plan for the technology, including a business proforma (executive summary) and a 10- to 15-minute investor pitch. The participating teams, comprising of undergraduates, research scientists, engineers, business students, clinicians, and mentors will present a business plan and compete to win prizes in a final pitch competition, judged by the area business community and investors. Winners receive prize money raised through program sponsorship.

Tentative start dates for each chapter’s 2021 Scipreneur Challenge are below:

  • Memphis Scipreneur Challenge: January, 2021
  • Nashville Scipreneur Challenge: February, 2021
  • Knoxville Scipreneur Challenge: Fall 2021