Mentor Network Program Participants

Learn more about the companies currently participating in the Life Science Mentor Network:

Diatech Diabetes

Diatech Diabetes, Inc. implements innovative solutions to empower the lives of patients, families and communities impacted by Diabetes. Diatech is developing SmartFusion: a system for insulin pumps that monitors insulin delivery for accuracy and infusion set failure. SmartFusion’s software could be integrated into an insulin pump or app and use data from the pump, continuous glucose monitor, and patient infusion habits to monitor the success of daily insulin dosages.

Ichor Sciences

Based in Nashville, Ichor Sciences has developed a synthetic polymer that achieves rapid hemostasis and provides a tissue healing scaffold in traumatic and surgical injuries, including nose bleeds that require medical attention. StatBond ™ is a family of products developed by Ichor Sciences to address specific anatomic challenges, surgical uses, and tissue types that can serve as a carrier molecule for localized drug delivery of antibiotics, steroids, and other uses.


IDBiologics was founded in 2017 to discover and develop human monoclonal antibodies for the prevention, treatment, and cure of infectious diseases. Their innovative fully human monoclonal antibody platform enables rapid discovery and optimization of broad and potent therapeutic molecules. Using this proprietary platform, IDBiologics has accumulated unparalleled breadth in isolating antibodies for infectious diseases, with lead candidate molecules to diverse targets moving forward in development.

MiCare Path

MiCare Path, headquarted in Memphis, provides customized care paths, daily life tracking, physiological monitoring, personalized education and direct healthcare communication in a simple interface for the patients and physician offices. MiCare Path focuses on solutions for the vast market of people struggling through musculoskeletal disease and are not yet ready for surgery. The technology of MiCare Path allows physicians better connectivity and personalization ultimately yielding the right care at the right time, while patients feel empowered and engaged to be successful, regardless of the stage of disease.


The SOMAVAC® SVS, a surgical drain pump system, improves the recovery experience after surgeries like breast reconstruction, abdominoplasty, mastectomies and hernia repairs. After these and other surgeries, fluid that naturally develops can build up and form a seroma or hematoma. Surgical drains with suction bulbs are utilized to remove and collect the fluid to minimize the risk of build-up. SOMAVAC created a clean and simple system that delivers continuous suction to effectively remove fluids in a patient-friendly way and improve the post-op recovery experience, wherever that may be.


Nashville-based VenoStent is developing a venous wrap to improve the quality and length of life for the more than 2 million dialysis patients globally. Their device, the SelfWrap, intends to reduce access site failures. This technology can be applied anytime a vein-artery connection is made, including coronary and peripheral artery bypass grafting. It promotes a more desirable, uniform outward vein growth.